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“There's a new book coming out. The book is “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine”. The woman's name is Candice (Jackson), the author... It comes out May 31, and it comes out the same day that Clinton's paperback version of “My Life” comes out, and this book purports to chronicle all of the women that Bill and Hillary have intimidated, silenced, threatened... and I'm just wondering if the Clintons will file a libel suit here. After all, Bill and Hillary are decent people -- they are victims of a vast right wing conspiracy. Nevertheless, I'm just thinking that with a book so slanderous they're just going to have to file suit and win billions, won't they?”  -- RUSH LIMBAUGH on the EIB Network*

(*Classic Rush sarcasm intended)

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Here’s What RUSH LIMBAUGH had to say about Candice E. Jackson

and her Best-Selling Book “Their Lives”:

Candice’s book “Their Lives” reached Top 10 on Amazon.com (Category: Political)

It was also featured on MSNBC, Fox News, EIB Network, and more.


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Candice E. Jackson is a multi-faceted creative and business force to be reckoned with. She is an Attorney, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker who has appeared or been featured on national TV and Radio stations including Fox News, MSNBC, EIB Network, and more.


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