Sean Hannity Interviews Kathy Shelton On Radio

Kathy Shelton and Executive Director of Their Lives Foundation Candice E. Jackson were interviewed by Sean Hannity on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Sean Hannity Show.  

"On Sunday, just moments before the start of the second presidential debate, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a press conference with four women who had been abused or victimized by Bill and Hillary Clinton. One of those women was Kathy Shelton, who, at 12 years old was brutally raped by a man who—despite overwhelming evidence linking him to the crime—got off on time served thanks to a plea deal brokered by his defense attorney, Hillary Clinton.

Following Sunday’s presser, Shelton attended the debate where she and Sean proceeded to meet for the first time. Moved by her “heartbreaking and egregious” experience, Sean invited Shelton and her advocate/attorney, Candice Jackson, to join him on Wednesday’s Sean Hannity Show to share some little known details about the case and highlight the traumatic miscarriage of justice she faced at the hands of Clinton.

“If you only listen to one hour of my radio show for the rest of your life, make it the final hour of today’s program,” Sean said on Wednesday. “I want you to hear the story of Kathy Shelton."